Company History

It’s Just Us Productions, LLC is an Atlanta based, cross-media company that produces radio and television programs that are heard and seen by national and international audiences. Talk shows are not new however It’s Just Us Productions has created the opportunity for an average citizen to host radio and television shows and for ordinary people (those without notoriety who are sometimes denied access to appear on mainstream media outlets) to share a platform with extraordinary people (those who are often seen and heard on mainstream media outlets) bridging the gap between all socio-economic classes, celebrating our similarities yet respecting our differences.

It’s Just Us Productions is a media platform that shares achievements, innovations and experiences with a broad, diverse audience and documents this information in several mediums. It’s Just Us is a non-judgmental platform where people can share their authentic stories in their voice capturing “the middle story”; the conversations that dispels myths and builds hope. It’s Just Us is not designed to argue or dispute points of view. It’s a place about everybody for everybody. It’s Just Us.

It's Just Us Productions has produced 3 radio shows (it's Just Us Radio Show, The Summit with Charlene and Dennis, and It's Just Us Ghana Live!), 3 TV shows (It's Just Us Talk Show, Hilda's Place, and Living the Life I Sing About), and a 4-part video series called " Virtual Conversations ".

The It’s Just Us Radio Show launched in April 2008 and was streamed via an internet-based radio station. In March 2012, the radio show producers decided to expand the It’s Just Us brand to a television show format and partnered with the Living Your Art brand to further the vision. The pilot of the It’s Just Us Talk Show was taped in 2014 and was later offered a residency at Comcast Studio 25 in DeKalb County, GA. In 2017, It’s Just Us and Living Your Art partnered with Van Gogh Studios in Smyrna, GA to expand the programming and created 2 new shows, Hilda’s Place and Living the Life I Sing About.

In July 2020, It’s Just Us Productions partnered with PSG Consult LLC, located in Ghana, West Africa, to launch its first international pilot, It’s Just Us Ghana Live!. IJU Ghana Live! is an international media exchange to honor the rich cultural diversity and contributions of Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora to synergize and transform others by telling our own authentic, inspiring stories.

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