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Charlene Scott Bowden

Charlene S. Bowden has always been interested in the literary and performing arts. It started in high school serving on the year book staff her junior and senior year. During this time, she also discovered she enjoyed writing short stories. It’s no surprise that later on in life she would have published work.

A lover of the performing arts, Charlene enjoys attending live performances in music, dance and theatre. Again it was of no surprise that, after assisting blues artist Big Robert T market and promote his DVD, that she would begin providing artist management services, which led to the formation of CSB Management Group.

Her academic background includes business school, where she majored in accounting, and a degree in Psychology. A combination of her formal education and experience made her realize how much she yearned to understand people and celebrate them wherever they are on life’s journey.

In December of 2007, Charlene enlarged the scope of services for CSB Management Group to include co-producing events. Her first event was with Hilda Willis under the brand of Living Your Art; Hope for the Holidays (a fundraiser for the Performing Arts Program for Youth, originally founded by Jane Fonda). Over the next several years, she continued to work with Living Your Art on the following productions: the Atlanta Premiere of “Mad At Miles: A Black Woman’s Guide to Truth”, the Ossie Davis Endowment for Education Launch in Atlanta, “The Way Out” in Santa Monica, CA, “Open Door: A Live Listening Performance with India.Aire” in Atlanta and Los Angeles and “Breathe: The Nicole Kelly Story” in Atlanta and New York.

Later she was offered a platform by Aubry Padmore, Executive Director/Program Manager of caribvoiceradio.org, to host and produce an internet based radio show giving CSB’s artists an opportunity to have their music in regular rotation on the radio.

Dennis R. Sumlin

Born and raised in New York City, Dennis R Sumlin is a Public Speaker and Coach. He earned his Life Coaching certification from Erickson College International in 2014, as well as having 15+ years experience in communication and Vocal arts. His focus is assisting young adults to overcome self limiting beliefs, communicate effectively, and achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Through presentations, workshops and one on one coaching, he has helped young entrepreneurs, professionals and college students connect to their authentic power, live more consciously, and lay the ground work for their goals. An award winning speaker, Dennis is currently working on a book, developing a speaking workshop, and co-hosting a weekly podcast. Contact Dennis